It has been nearly 30 years since Berlin American High School graduated the last class, closed the doors...  And turned a page in history.


As long as we alumni remember our teachers and classmates,

Berlin High will live on...


In 1994, BAHS students produced a VHS - "The Final Chapter"


segments from the VHS, available via youtube-

alternately, you can use the links to view or download Windows or MacOS versions





"The Berlin Situation" wmv 1.9 Mb

"The Berlin Situation" mp4 4.7 Mb

"Berlin Experience" wmv 2.2 Mb

"Berlin Experience" mp4 4.1 Mb


A "round-table" discussion with Herren Prigge, Bluem, Hildenbrand, Benson ...


part 1 wmv 2.4 Mb          part 2 wmv 2.2 Mb         part 3 wmv 1.7 Mb          part 4 wmv 2.4 Mb

part 5 wmv 2.6 Mb          part 6 wmv 1.4 Mb       part 7 wmv 741 kb

"I will come back" 1.7 Mb



part 1 mp4 5.1Mb          part 2 mp4 4.6 Mb         part 3 mp4 4.6 Mb          part 4 mp4 5.4 Mb

part 5 mp4 6.2 Mb          part 6 mp4 3 Mb       part 7 mp4 1.5 kb

"I will come back mp4" 4.3 Mb



closing thoughts with Coach Pepoy and Mr Bluem.

"closing thoughts"  part 1 wmv 1.8 Mb              closing thoughts"  part 2 wmv 2 Mb  

"closing thoughts"  part 3 wmv 1.7 Mb              "closing thoughts"  part 4 wmv 1 Mb  


"closing thoughts"  part 1 mp4 3.9 Mb              closing thoughts"  part 2 mp4 2.3 Mb  

"closing thoughts"  part 3 mp4 3.5 Mb              "closing thoughts"  part 4 mp4 2 Mb  


"Ich hab' noch einen koffer in Berlin"  wmv 2.1 Mb

"Glory Days"  wmv 3 Mb


"Ich hab' noch einen koffer in Berlin"  mp4 5.6 Mb

"Glory Days"  mp4 7.7 Mb


-Thanks! ...and good night, Christer Nilssen -Where-ever you are!