It has been twenty years since Berlin American High School graduated the last class, closed the doors...  And turned a page in history.


As long as we alumni remember our teachers and classmates,

Berlin High will live on...


In 1994, BAHS students produced a VHS - "The Final Chapter"


segments from the VHS, available via youtube-

alternately, you can use the links to view or download





"The Berlin Situation" wmv 1.9 Mb

"Berlin Experience" wmv 2.2 Mb


A "round-table" discussion with Herren Prigge, Bluem, Hildenbrand, Benson ...


part 1 wmv 2.4 Mb          part 2 wmv 2.2 Mb         part 3 wmv 1.7 Mb          part 4 wmv 2.4 Mb

part 5 wmv 2.6 Mb          part 6 wmv 1.4 Mb       part 7 wmv 741 kb

"I will come back" 1.7 Mb



closing thoughts with Coach Pepoy and Mr Bluem.

"closing thoughts"  part 1 wmv 1.8 Mb              closing thoughts"  part 2 wmv 2 Mb  

"closing thoughts"  part 3 wmv 1.7 Mb              "closing thoughts"  part 4 wmv 1 Mb  


"Ich hab' noch einen koffer in Berlin"  wmv 2.1 Mb

"Glory Days"  wmv 3 Mb



-Thanks! ...and good night, Christer Nilssen -Where-ever you are!